2.2.4 - C7 Z-Wave Packet Handling Improvements

Release 2.2.4 has some major updates to Z-Wave packet handling.

  • Improved secure inbound packet handling, recycling of secure sessions for faster response time and less potential re-transmits or drops.

Many secure devices reporting status updates could easily overwhelm the inbound flow in 2.2.3. These changes should help prevent repeat packets, due to devices not receiving and ACK packet in a timely fashion, and prevent potential dropped packets due to queue exhaustion.

  • Re-worked outbound ack / nack / nack+waiting / ack timeout handling.
    • Improved reliability of FLiRS/LSS device communication (ex: Locks).
    • Improved reliability of packet delivery under heavy load.

Outbound packets should see a dramatic improvement in delivery reliability in 2.2.4. Each packet's status is tracked until delivery has been confirmed, and timely re-transmits on failure happen while still maintaining airtime fairness to prevent a single device or driver from monopolizing the RF bandwidth.

  • Improved reliability of failed node removal.

It was discovered since 2.2.3 that the SDK's failed node list will get stale and prevent node removal. This update refreshes the failed node list prior to attempting removal to ensure removal happens when requested.

  • Fixed occasional SDK crash during network management operations, often requiring a reboot to fix.

Specification calls for re-initialization on SDK ACK timeouts, but during intensive network management operations this could happen and would result in the network management session being locked up usually requiring a reboot to resolve.

  • Updated multi-channel encapsulation processing for new SDK standards.

Improvements in-flight packet handling of multi-channel encapsulated packets from the driver level to the SDK level.