2.1.5. New Dashboard requires pin when no pin defined

I've just defined a new dashboard. The 'requires a pin to open field is empty.
When I go into the tile to define some devices it says I need to enter a pin.
I press submit without entering a pin and the blank dashboard opens. I cannot do anything with it.
I've tried defining a pin and then deleting it but nothing changes. Any thoughts or ideas on how to get round this?
I'm running 2.1.5 and have not had this issue before.
EDIT. When I put define a pin and then put the pin in to open the dashboard it says the pin is incorrect.
Well this is strange. Everything is OK on my second hub.
Tried a reboot of hub but just the same. Hmm.

Not sure what's going on but I deleted the dashboard and redefined it with a pin.
Then deleted the pin and everything is now ok.
Hey ho. One of those things.
All's well that ends well. :smile: