2.1.1 problem with "Added Custom Attribute for Conditions and Trigger Events."

When trying to setup some of these rules the conditions page will go completely blank. Exit out and back in and the rule page is blank..only thing I can do is hit the gear and remove the rule and start over. Doesn't happen for all devices and seems OK on some and not on others (same device type)

This is interesting but you've provided no useful information to go on.

I'll do my best...but there isn't much to see....so I start here:

When I choose one this happens with a few different devices...but other (in this case) power meters work fine

hit done...goes blank...go back to app list...and that "test" rule is NOT there....however...if I go into the device I see this:

and to confirm here is my rules list:

I can click on that rule...then hit the gear and hit remove... it will then go away.

Here is the second clamp or should I say first clamp of the same device/type...and this works fine:

What type of device is failing? And are you talking about Custom Attribute?

power meter....but it's not consistent. Happened for a zooz also.

Yes found it on custom attribute! Sorry and now just realized it's doing it for a regular power meter.

This is what those look like:

Not what you showed above. So I don't really have a clue what you are talking about.

sorry, fixed the post...however found it the same issue also happens when choosing power meter and not custom attribute. The rules definitely get lost somewhere. After I select the device the rule page tries to refresh and it all goes blank.

This sounds like some platform problem, not an RM issue. Suggest you restore from backup and reboot.

Assuming you mean previous platform version. Will do. I backed up before I upgraded.

Actually, no I didn't. This is not likely to be something about 2.1.1. But your hub seems wonky, so a fresh restore and reboot should bring it back to working.

works fine on my backup before the upgrade...