2.0.6 Hampton Bay Fan Controllers down

Hi, after a couple of months of nice and stable operation of these, 3 of 4 rooms fans aren't responding today since the 2.0.6 updates. I applied the latest hot fix just now I have 4 rooms, each with a Sylvania smart+ plug as zigbee repeater and the Hampton Bay zigbee fan controller. All the plugs operate and respond just fine. My other zigbee kit, Samsung motions and buttons seem fine too.

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing problems after the update? I see there were zigbee stack changes, and these fan controllers can be a bit quirky.

I don't know the actual answer, but one thought is you may need to re-pair the devices to the hub. Many of us had to do this to fix the Xiaomi devices dropping off the mesh before the update.

I haven't tested mine since I updated. Will test when I get home today.

Keep in mind, if you created separate child devices for the fan/light and re-pair these controllers that you will need to remove and readd the child devices. Any apps that used the old child devices will need to be updated.

Re-pairing breaks the connection between the main fan controller devicce and the children because the deviceID changes.

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Be patient as the Zigbee mesh fixes itself. Took 24hrs and 3 if mine reconnected.


All my fans are still functional. I use Iris plugs as my repeaters.

Same here.

Out of my 4 fans I only had that didn't work immediately after the update and that one started working again in a few hours.

Gah I was really hoping they would come back to life by themselves. I still have 3 out of 4 down. One of these works intermittently. So strange.

I wouldn't mind about re-pairing them if the process was a bit simpler. I still dont really know what the magic incarnation is to reset and pair these things. Anyone have a definitive procedure? Do they need to be air-gap power-cycled to force the reset and re-pair?

Will it be enough to force the controllers to reset and re-pair without deleting the device from HE? This would avoid having to delete and re-create all the children and rules etc. What a mess.

When I lose connectivity there is a "shortcut" I use to re-pair my fan controlllers.

  1. Turn off power at the switch (breaker if you dont have a physical switch)
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Put hub in pairing mode.
  4. Flip the switch/breaker back on
  5. Wait....within 1 minute the fan lights should blink and the fan controller should be paired again.

This does allow the Parent Fan Controller to pair in place (no removal necessary).
Unfortunately, the child devices lose their link to the parent and would have to be removed and readded (via the toggle in the parent fan device).

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I tried the procedure. Power off, wait 30s, go into discovery mode, power on, did nothing. No device appeared or reported that it had been re-attached. Light never blinked. Tried multiple times.

I had to fully remove the device, only then I was able to re-discover it after power cycling it. Then it was controllable and reporting to HE just fine...for a few minutes, now its not talking any more. Grrr. I have a zigbee outlet in the same room, maybe 6 ft from the fan controller that works fast and flawless. In another room I have the same outlet as repeater and fan controller that work perfect. All my other zigbee kit works fast and perfect. So confused. This isn't science.

Your fan may not be routing through the outlet. A zigbee "repair" might help.

You would have to shut down your hub for at least 20 minutes so your zigbee devices go into panic mode. When you power back on your hub, all the zigbee devices should find the best route back to the hub. Hopefully your fan chooses to route through your outlet.

At this point it's worth a shot I think.

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So I swapped out the Sylvania Smart+ 72922-A (LEDVANCE) outlets for SecuriFi Peanuts, within a few minutes, all my fans are back! Even without re-pairing.

Im not sure what to conclude about this experience. Did the 2.0.6 zigbee stack change trigger some incompatibility with the smart+ A-version outlets as repeaters? or maybe its just that the Peanuts are fresh and new and the HB fans found them and used them as routers?

Could there be a thing where the Peanut only speaks HA1.2 and maybe the HB fan controllers only do also, and they just play well together?

This thread seems to conclude that even the A version is a proper repeater. Not so sure myself after this.

Anyway the Peanuts were only $14.95 from Amazon Prime. They dont auto-detect type in HE (need to manually set them to generic zigbee outlet), and the energy reporting doesnt work, and they aren't quite so pretty as the Sylvania, but ill take working fans over not any day.....

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Glad to hear you are back in business. These fan controllers are temperamental little bastards. They march to the beat of their own drum.


I had bought one a few weeks ago. Was dragging my feet to install. These threads have helped me wait for a new solution or buy new fans with a smart wall switch..

Don't let the posts scare you off. They are great controllers and if you keep a zigbee repeater in the room you really don't have an issue unless, like the last release, there was a zigbee change. And that didn't affect just the fan controllers.

I bought an Ikea smart outlet. Those two items would've been my only zigbee devices. I installed can lights in my bedroom with a smart dimmer and since I have done that I could probably just put my fan on a smart z wave switch to turn on when I go to bed and I'm all set. Since I have the can lights, I don't need to control the fan lights automatically anymore.

This is a good plan, IMHO. If you don't need to control both the light and fan, or if you can use separate wall-switch devices for each, that is a simpler option. I use the Hampton Bay Fan Controller becuase I only have a single switch for the fan. Therefore, I have no way to control both the fan and light independently via a single wall switch.

I don't have any so I can't say if the Ikea outlets are repeaters or not. Not all zigbee outlets are repeaters. The ST outlets, Iris outlets and peanut plugs are definitely zigbee repeaters.

If you have a wall switch for your fan and a Lutron Caseta Pro Hub you can always go with this now.

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I wonder what is the advantage of these over the existing GE Smart Fan switch for less money? It seems like they are the same?