2.0.6 Hampton Bay Fan Controllers down

I just received a couple of these Peanut outlets to act as repeaters for my Hampton Bay Fan Controllers as well.

Was having difficulty getting HE to recognize the devices until I read on another thread that I needed to change the Zigbee channel to 20 yesterday. I had it on 13 to help minimize conflicts with WiFi but I guess I don't have a choice.

Anyway, I waited until today to give the Zigbee network a chance to re-mesh up. The good news is the Peanut devices are recognized immediately now when I start a discovery however it seems to be stuck at this point... Any ideas on how to get this paired up in HE?

its normal, just click Save, then go in and set the device type to Generic Zigbee Outlet and you will be good to go. They just aren't auto-detected.

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Thanks! It was stuck spinning after Save so I didn't think it had saved it as a device.

The button changes to Saved but it still spins because it's looking for the next Zigbee device.

Discover looks forever.. but it will only find a single ZWave and you have to leave the screen and return for the next ZWave. But Zigbee, it will find the next and the next and the next. :slight_smile:

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Also, since your device did not auto-detect the correct drivers you should hit the Configure button after manually selecting the correct driver.

i.e. Select Generic Zigbee Outlet, hit Save, then hit the Configure button.

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thanks guys!