16s delay between door sensor and light on (Simple Lighting)

Hi all,

I have a straightforward Simple Lighting app to turn on the overhead light in the pantry when the door is opened:

I'm seeing a 10-45s delay in the light coming on. Here's an example of a 16s delay:

Then sensor is a GE/Jasco Hinge Pin Door sensor (zwave). The overhead light is a GE/Jasco Smart Dimmer switch.

Any suggestions on how to further debug/rationale for the slowdown?


There's a known issue w/ and battery powered sensors that can cause delays, especially when the sensors have been "sleeping" for a while. A fix is coming in the next FW release, timing TBD, but we expect soon in the new year.

Does the delay in the light coming on tend to go away once the automation has been triggered more than once and the sensor has been triggered?

A few key posts in a thread related to this:


Here is the workaround for the door sensor until the fix comes out with 2.2.5:


DOH! Thanks for adding that - I accidentally left out sharing the temporary cure. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @danabw and @672southmain.

I swapped out the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor and now response times are reasonable (~1s).

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For now...buh hah hah. Just kidding.