10 years?

Take Google Chromcast out of beta and please fix the memory leak issues



#1 C8
#2, #3 C4
#4,#5,#6,#7,#8,#9 are C7's
Bottom line is current memory.

They did do that when they released Firefox.... :rofl:

I suspect that whatever UI platform the EZ dashboard system was built on will be gradually migrated to for the rest of the UI.

Based on comments from the Hubitat crew, the “legacy” UI platform has made UI improvements difficult to implement (see the table based constructs in RM as an example).

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The big issue with Zigbee features is they are frequently implemented poorly or intentionally in non-standard ways. This would make it hard for Hubitat to support IMO.

Zwave has the advantage that it’s a very tightly controlled and well defined standard.

I have both systems in my house and default to Zwave for most things. It just works.


It is great that the community has produced so many powerful apps and drivers. Just like AMG was brought in-house by Mercedes I wish that Hubitat would officially integrate some of these apps/drivers.


Iirc, that is how @bravenel came to work for Hubitat, he wrote RM as a community app.

Personally, I’d be quite happy to hand over the drivers that I maintain if it meant they’d become even better.

Thank you for offering that. With independent apps/drivers, no matter how well meaning, we never know if the developer looses interest in it and doesn’t maintain it, and/or Hubitat makes some change that the developer doesn’t take advantage of, or worse, breaks it and the developer doesn’t want to bother trying to figure out what caused it and how to fix it, or can’t figure out what caused it/how to fix it. That will always put a certain percentage of users off from relying on it.


Sort of. Bruce is one of the company founders. He originally wrote Rule Machine as an app for SmartThings, and several other founding staff members were ST users as well.


Cheers, I must have got the story via Chinese whispers. :rofl:

I remember prior to Hubitat and ST that Bruce was a hitman for the mafia.


Sounds legit to me, he does give off “Leon” vibes. :wink:

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Agree with you totally. Hubitat’s zigbee implementation could definitely use some love, In addition to Zigbee Green Power, I’d like to see support for zigbee binding.

The trouble with threads like this is that sometimes the wheat is lost in the chaff. So I’m tagging @mike.maxwell; hopefully he’ll see your post.


How would that be useful for Hubitat owners? Seems pointless in our context.

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Since we have some time before Hubitat turns 10, we are watching this thread closely to make sure that we will actually deliver what people really want.

There is no need to tag individuals, we see these requests as long term features and enhancements that will make a difference to our existing and future users. So keep the feedback coming. The more likes an idea gets, the higher the feature goes on the priority list :wink:


It’s useful in two contexts:

  1. Control with directly bound devices is much much smoother (think of concurrent color changes or dimming).
  2. Bound devices continue to work even when the coordinator is inactive (for whatever reason).

However, a coordinator is needed to setup binding.


It's technically possible to configure zigbee bindings right now, we just don't have a nice UI/app for it; community can step-up and build something, if enough interest is raised.

I baked it directly into the drivers, but that is a bit of a hack (a device driver should not have access to render a list of other devices... I think). I believe that Inovelli Blue drivers do something similar.


A similar hack is available also for the Tuya devices.


Hummm....10 years, OK that probably puts us into a whole different level of forward thinking.

Not our circus, not our monkeys....but since you asked-

             How about a Succession Plan ?

We don't have to know it, but knowing there is one might be comforting.


zigbee scenes would be good as well for the same reason.