ZWave Topology - Am I understanding it right?

I have just updated to 2.2.4 and love the new Z-Wave topology feature. I am wondering though where I can get some good information to help me understand it...

Looking at the topology of my mesh, I would think that I have 3 devices that are unreachable as they are Red along the line. However, they do work, and have some mapping information, which leaves me confused...

It looks like 1C, 2E and 44 have no connectivity to anything else... However, the Z-Wave Details show that they have a route and they do work:

So... Not really sure how this works. I am trying to understand Z-Wave better.

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I'm in the same boat trying to understand this... with a very simple topology. Trying to understand why node 33 which has a neighbor of 1E and only 1E does not use it in its route. I put 1E where I did, to try and make the mesh more resilient/switch faster and it seems to see but not use. The two nodes are about 2 feet from each other as well so very close and about 10 feet from the hub.

Node 33 (NEO Z-Wave Plus Smart Mini Plug Z-Wave Outlet) : 01 -> 3E -> 2E -> 33 9.6kbps

Node 1E (EVA LOGIK ZW96): 01 -> 1E 100kbps

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I am am amatuer at this, but it looks like you have very few devices talking to each other. (lots of red).

The samples I have seen online and here have much more blue (talking to each other).

just setting my new house up on a c-7. Just found the zwave topology. not sure what i am looking at

From my limited understanding, everything is talking to the hub and to nothing else. Do you only have battery operated devices?

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What @bcopeland provided on this:

Node topology gives you an overview of the entire Z-Wave routing table. Blue dots are nodes that can see each other, and red are nodes that aren't neighbors.

Your last device is showing connecting directly to the hub:


For the other two, the details in the topology and the Z-Wave Details page may be out of sync, a timing issue. HE would have to provide more details on that.


yeah when i took that shot thats all that was installed.
so basically looking for blue...the more blue the better?

no line should not have only red

Generally that makes sense to me. If the device was is near the hub it might not matter for that device (it can connect directly to the hub) but you do want devices to be able to connect/help each other out.