Zwave taking long time to respond

I talked to someone who have the same problem as me. I'd like to know if it's a known problem. I have about 75 Zwave devices. Some times, I would say every couple of weeks, a Zwave device take 30-45 seconds before responding to the command. Yesterday I switched off a light and it took more than 30 seconds before the power off. My friend said he talked with HE staff and they said he's the only one having this issue. I have this problem since the beginning but as I said, most of the time it works fine but every couple of weeks it happens.

Are we alone with this problem ?

I can't comment on what may have transpired between HE and your friend, but it sounds like what you're describing may be a zwave mesh issue. Can you post a screen shot of your zwave details page?


@jbilodea Use this Chrome extension to capture a long screen shot. Then right-click and "Copy Image" to post it here.


Here it is (thank you @jlv )

Your zwave mesh looks pretty solid! Better than mine actually. I see one or two things that might be a issue.

Device 64 (hex) looks like it has a marginal signal and a pretty long response time. 78 has no route to the hub (or, more accurately, the hub has no route to the device) and that might be a ghost you want to remove and re-add. Same with device AA, which looks like a partially paired device. It also looks like a routing device, which might be a problem.

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Thank's for your answer. 64 I will remove and re-add it tomorrow. 78 has no battery right now, waiting to receive it. And AA I just removed it.

But not sure it will fix my problem.

Once you're done removing them. Shut down the hub from the settings menu. Unplug at the wall (not the hub) for 10-20 mins... Power back up and see how things behave.

You have lots of Inovelli. Are they on the newest firmware? There are many updates for some of these.

And if I remember correctly, Inovelli do power reporting? I would look at any device that reports power and turn those reports to off unless you really need them.


I'll try that tomorrow, than

Yes they are all at the latest firmware

They are all at the reporting level by default which is occasionnaly. I will change that tomorrow too. Anything that could help. Thank's.

This sounds like it could be one of the known issues with the current 700-series controller firmware (I assume you're using a model C-7 hub; earlier ones have 500-series). People have noticed problems for a while, including Hubitat users as probably the first commercial hub to use these chips, but it seems like Silicon Labs (the Z-Wave authority) is just now getting down to possible causes of the problem.

Here is a recent thread that discussed a firmware update that is reported to fix it:

Here is some discussion on HomeSeer, another vendor that seems to have identified the same issue:

Presumably, Hubitat will test this Z-Wave radio firmware update and release it as part of a future hub platform version if they see any improvements (or at least no problems), but you'd have to wait until then to see.

In the meantime, you have some suggestions above for how to help. In general, the less "chatty" your network is, the better it is likely to behave (this is true in general but seems particularly problematic here). The presence of any "ghosts" or failed pairings has also been suggested to cause problems, so the advice above to remove those should also help.

Another thing you can do is to "tone down" any devices that might be particularly chatty. For example, do you have any power-metering devices? (Some smart plugs and switches/dimmers, including the Red Series products by Inovelli, have this enabled by default.) If so, and you don't have a use for that information, I'd suggest disabling it in the device preferences. If you do need it, try using just the thresholds you need to get data usable for whatever your use case is.

For the hub shutdown, 30 seconds without power (unplugged--after a "polite" shut down from Settings, of course) should be sufficient to reboot the Z-Wave radio when plugged back in; the 20-30 minutes thing is more of a Zigbee "panic mode" recommendation to help devices find new routes (certainly something you can do if you want, but not necessary if your concern is only Z-Wave). This shouldn't be necessary to do on a regular basis, but it can't hurt to try once if you're concerned the radio crashed (you'd see a System Event for this) or if you just wanted to see if it helps anyway.

Otherwise, I'm hopeful the updated firmware will help...some day. :smiley: It's not super-clear that this issue was actually addressed, though some people on other controllers do note an improvement. If not, Silicon Labs seems to finally at least be tackling the problems with this chipset (just in time for the 800 series, ha).


Thank's for your complete answer. Yes I'M using C7 and tomorrow I will try everything that was suggested here, including closing the power reporting.

Now that Silicon Labs "seems" to be aware is a really good point. But I guess we will have to wait a good period of time but at least I can hope...



I did everything I read here. I started Hub Watchdog so I'll see if I still have problem with my Zwave network.

No it still does not work well. I'm running Hub Watchdog and it just took 12.227 seconds to open a light. Everthing looks good in my ZWave network.

Let's see your z-wave details page again now that you've fixed stuff.. Wanna take a look at individual device stats

Here it is

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Still bothered by those contact sensors. I know they don't route but it bugs me, lol. Probably ocd. On your power reporting devices, have you turned them down?

All of them do not report anymore.


maybe you can run a support ticket and see if @bobbyD can spot anything.

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I was writing an email :wink: Thank you for your time.

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