Zwave Switch as scene controller for smart bulbs

Looking for best way to handle my usage on HE. So I have a scene control capable switch in a Zooz Zen22 and I have 6 IKEA bulbs. I am moving from ST and there I had a Zooz Dimmer in Scene Control mode (paddle and zwave control disable), virtual switches, with a web-core orchestration with 3 scene configured (turn on/off all bulbs, and 2 variations of turn on/off only some bulbs). The virtual switches were there for Voice control via an assistant which web-core would facilitate the real actions with the bulbs. Its was pieced together like that on ST because for a long time I had a dumb switch there which was a typical disaster cause the kids would always use it (tape or not).

So requirements I guess would be helpful when asking for help with a solution.

  1. Make sure I keep power to the smart bulbs at all time
  2. Scene Control at the physical switch of the smart bulbs
  3. Voice control over various scenes / virtual switches with some RM or other approach.

TIA for any help.

You can do this on Hubitat and leave the virtual switches out unless you need them for another purpose. Sounds like you have the switch/dimmer configured how you want it. That works here too, then you can just respond to the "scene" (button) events real-world paddle manipulation generates on Hubitat and act appropriately. Lots of apps would work to do this, but Button Controller is a good built-in choice. For example, "button 1 pushed" could turn on the lights, and "Button 2 pushed" could turn them off. Holds can dim/brighten, and if your bulbs support it, doing a "Start Level Change" on hold and a "Stop Level Change" on release would make it appear to work like a "real" dimmer, commands which I don't think ST exposes but are pretty slick.

Hubitat has "scenes" available built-in, too--specific settings you can configure your devices to, save, and recall by "activating" the scene. This also creates a "scene activator" (essentially a virtual button and switch) device you could use with a voice assistant, Dashboard, or other app (e.g., activate this scene via a double tap on the switch paddle in a certain direction) on Hubitat.

Do note: Hubitat's stick drivers don't support more than double taps, so you'll probably need a custom driver if you want the third that I think this device offers. Also, if you're using the IKEA Trådfri RGBW bulbs, they have some peculiarities in their color model implementation and probably won't work well (for color control) with Hubitat's built-in drivers, whether paired directly or used via a Hue Bridge.

Thanks. I have the button manager installed and I will start trying to get this all setup. Also my IKEA bulbs are just the white only ones that support dimming so I should be fine. Thanks for the scene info and the tip of the activator. That is what I was hoping for.