Zwave status shows 'FAILED' but sensor works

Hi Group,

Certainly not a critical issue as others have been experiencing but I just wanted to get other's experience with this scenario. Fortunately, knock on wood, my Z-Wave has been working rather well even before the update. Yet, whenever I look at the ZW status I see a few battery powered sensors that indicate 'FAILED'. and a few that just show the 'no response' status. I can toggle them and they all work fine then eventually go back to OK. But over time it seems that they will get the status of FAILED again. I can understand the 'No Response' due to it being a battery powered device and it probably hasn't been awake in a while. But FAILED seems a bit more dire. Refresh doesn't seem to make a difference until after I toggle the switch. Since they're working I prefer not to remove and re-add if this is only a reporting/display thing.

So, in anyone's experience, considering all the devices work is this something I need to be concerned about or is it just the nature of the ZW beast?


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I wouldn't worry about it. I have a few devices that always show as failed, too, but work fine.

Sometimes hitting refresh changes it back to ok, sometimes not. :man_shrugging:

Don't obsess, if it works - leave it as is.

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Thanks, I figured as much; just needed some confirmation. It's my engineering OCD that likes to see a clean line of 'OK's which prompted the post.


Understood. It is more of a zwave thing than a Hubitat thing. I have other hubs/zwave systems that show device status and do the same thing.

...and here we are at the 2020 OCD Olympics, in the Smart Home event. Not unexpectedly @wecoyote5 is in the lead, with 237 clicks of the "Refresh" button in his Hubitat zwave page. It looks like he's going to be in the medals again...


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Frantically, tap, tap, tapping... just like Atari's Decathalon back in the day!