Zwave Socket

Before I go and splurge big dollars (as a result of this)

Are these HE compatible? I presume they are, but things are upside down in the land downunder

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The North American version is (see the official list but keep in mind a lot of other things also work with built-in drivers), and I imagine they're the same aside from possibly different radio frequencies and receptacle type, voltage, etc. differences (sounds like a lot now that I start saying it...), so I'd say yes. :slight_smile: If it doesn't find it automatically, the "Generic Z-Wave Outlet" driver is the one that should work.

In general, Hubitat will work with almost any Z-Wave or ZigBee HA 1.2/3.0 device. Z-Wave is more standardized and you're likely to find a product not documented in official lists that still works with generic drivers. ZigBee is a bit more varied, but if generic drivers don't cover you, the community has created many custom drivers for many others, so it's always worth a search of this forum or a question like this.

These outlets are on my wishlist, but they're a bit too expensive for my tastes when I can get several ZigBee Ikea Trรฅdfri outlets for the same price (my new favorite aside from its awkward shape and lack of physical control, though I rarely use that). I know you said it's hard to come by ZigBee in Australia, but I guess keep an eye out if they ever release one.

Daaaaamn that's expensive.

$58 us $ (that link is in AUS $), that is close to the same as it is in the US...

Silly Aussies. Can't you use a different dollar symbol? How confusing for you. j/k