Zwave - Say it Ain't So

Y'ever afraid to ask a question because you don't really want to hear the answer? Here goes....

I returned home after a 4-5 day long business trip to notice that a bunch of automations weren't behaving normally. A bit more poking around and I realized that I had no control of my zwave devices, even from the device details screen in the web app. FWIW I have about ~150 zwave devices.

Rebooted the change.
Ran zwave repair.... in under a second, the web app reports that the zwave repair completed. Here's the log:

  • 2019-09-15 04:02:25.199 pm info Finished Z-Wave Network Repair
  • 2019-09-15 04:02:25.178 pm info Starting Z-Wave Network Repair

I've never had a problem like this. I do recall running a zwave repair about a week ago (because I noticed some overall sluggishness), and the repair took over 8 hours to complete. Not that I've run a zwave repair many times, but in the past, it's definitely taken under an hour.

I sent Support a note, but I'm wondering what the Community can come up with. Ugh.

Go into your settings and then Zwave details page.

Are your devices all missing or present?

Settings/Zwave Details: Table is empty
Devices: they're all there

Disconnect the hub from power, but shut it down first in the settings, then try again. This will refresh the radios, rebooting will not power off the radios


Simple solution

Go into settings click "Hub Shutdown" NOT REBOOT.....wait for the hub light to turn red, then unplug the power cord for 30 seconds and then plug back in.

You will be back up and going, the devices will be back in the zwave details page.


OK thanks for the idea. Trying that now.

I think that you're batting 2 for 2! (In the VERY helpful department)


guys, that totally worked. TY TY TY TY TY.

Just for my learning, what actually transpired behind the scenes here? Was this a problem with the zwave radio, or? And what did the hard reboot do to resolve the issue?

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Yes something happened to the zwave radio, reboots don't fully remove the power from them to allow them to reset. So doing a hub power cycle reboots the radio. I've had this happen before.


I just noticed a handful of devices (1-2%) didn't come back. What would you suggest?

Exclude those devices, reset them, and then include them again.

Keep in mind which devices those are for future reference, maybe those might have been somehow (my pure assumptions only, with no evidence to back it up) the devices that caused your zwave radio to go haywire initially.



A few times I've had a Z-Wave switch or my garage door controller stop responding I've been able to just pull the air gap tab at the bottom wait a few seconds and push it back in and the switch works again or for the garage door controller just pull power wait a few seconds and plug it back in then hit the join button on top and it should beep then triple beep and start working within an hour, I haven't had to remove and re join any yet.