Zwave Repair

So running C7 here and just finished migrating from Smartthings I powered it off this morning. The last item I added was my Schlage BE469. I had added one earlier and no issues and this one also excluded from SmartThings and paired with no issues even without moving the hub close. I was able to cycle the lock from the devices page and I was able to set lock codes with lock manager. I then added a rule to auto lock the door if the door was unlocked for more than a few minutes. That seems to have worked once but since it doesn't and the lock will not respond to a lock or unlock request and nothing appears in the LOG either. So I ran a Zwave repair and this is what the output from that was.

The devices are:

Node 06 - Schlage that works fine
Node 0A - MonoPrice contact sensor
Node 0B - MonoPrice contact sensor
Node 0C - BeSense motion sensor
Node OE - Inovelli LZW37
Node 0F - Schlage worked for a bit

I do have a repeater on order but I almost canceled it since it paired without me getting the hub really close and I know I had to do that for the SmartThings. The lock and hub are probably about 25-30 feet apart. It shows about 83% battery so I don't think it's a low battery issue.

This is my guess:

You've got all battery devices in your list except the Inovelli.

Battery devices normally get skipped BUT it looks like two of them happened to be awake, when the repair came to them... but then they shut off to save battery and the repair failed.

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Okay so probably not a concern at this point I'm guessing. This is installed in a condo that is about 1200 square feet. Here is a crude layout....

Maybe I'll just see what happens once I get the repeater installed. Gonna be a few weeks but at least I have it working so I can get in and out with the keypad. Just seemed odd that it setup and responded to testing and now nothing. Maybe I'll disconnect and reconnect the battery and see if that helps or not.

Okay when I paired the lock I had moved it about the length of the power cord towards the door. When I was done I put the hub back to it's normal place. I just moved it closer to the door and they are talking again so repeater it is and hopefully that will be the end of that.