Zwave repair question

Why does the zwave repair waste 10 minutes or more on trying to repair zwave battery devices which dont do any routing or forwarding.. There must be a reason but obviouisy they all fail.
It would be easy enought to check the device type or attributes to see that it is on battery

If it was easy enough then it would already be done... So don't be dismissive when you don't know the code involved...

But - You are correct that on some battery devices the C-7 hub is incorrectly checking battery devices during a repair. They know about this, and will fix that in a future version.

i wasnt trying to be dismissive but maybe check battery level and if it reports back ignore it and otherwise error on the safe side and try a repair? maybe that doesnot work because you cannot check battery on demand you have to wait for a message.. So ya it doesnt sound so easy.

No worries - sorry if I misread your "tone". My mistake/assumption.

It was much worse at one point (it would try to repair pretty much every battery device), and they made it work for MOST battery devices before release - but they know there is still work to do.

I'm not sure how they are going to fix it. Maybe it is as simple as reviewing capabilities of the devices, but I doubt it is that simple (or they would have just done that when they made the other fix). The low level zwave commands live in an environment of their own, so to speak.

But I know they will get it resolved - after the stability issues are fixed.

ya stability more important as i have backup up to 2.2.2
just sitting here waiting for repair to finish and it is going through all my ecolink motion (5) door (4)
temp st814 (4) etc and taking an awfull long time.. oh well.
maybe even an attribute we could put in on a device to say it is battery and it would skip.. would make repair a lot faster

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It definitely slows down the repair if it tries to repair a battery device. No argument there!