Zwave Radio issues perhaps, any suggestions?

Running a C7 on and had a issue yesterday I am scratching my head on. Came home and the xmas lights were on in the daytime, and all triggers were dead. First instinct was to check the GUI and the HUB looked to be working fine as in being able to navigate. When i pulled up the zwave settings all devices status was "UNKNOWN". Around 100 devices, all inaccessible. First instinct was to reboot. Reboot appeared normal. Went back and checked the zwave settings again and the situation had not been cleared. Gut instinct was the HUB radio was in trouble so i did a shut down. Pulled the power for 30 seconds and brought it back up. Recovered and everything went back to status "OK". All was normal again, devices were active again. The HUB zwave FW is up to date. Anyone seen it or have any advice? HW problem? Odd - appreciate your feedback. jj

This can happen sometimes. Something corrupted the z-wave radio. Power cycling exactly as you did is what would have been recommended. Now if it continues to happen regularly I would start looking into a rogue device.

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I too had a similar issue a little over a week ago. C7 hub on I noticed my outdoor Christmas lights did not turn off. I quickly realized I had no control over any z-wave switches. Hub appeared to be running normal in the web interface. Reboot did not fix it. Ended up unplugging the power for a few and then plugging it in and everything started working fine. I saw there was a firmware update and updated to Next day my indoor Christmas lights were on past their time and again realized I hade lost control of all the z-wave switches again. Attempted a reboot which did not work and again had to unplug the power for a few and plug it back in. That again solved the problem and things started working. Since then, I have not had the issue come back up and hoping it stays that way.

Thank you guys - i was surprise that a reboot didnt initialize the radio too. i will swap hubs if it happens again. JJ

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