Zwave plus with older aux switch possible?

Been thinking of upgra6somenof my switches to zwave plus version. Now that Lowes is having their sales I placed an order for some. If I were to replace the switch that is in a 3way configuration so I need to replace the auxiliary switch as well? Can the new zwave plus switch work with existing older auxiliary switch?

if your current switches are the GE/Jasco type I think the odds are good. The GE add-on switch doesn't have a radio in it, and they're still advertising it as working with any GE Smart Switch including their Z-Wave, Zigbee and Bluetooth models.


It depends on the exact brand and model. The master switch should list the auxiliaries that it will work with.

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Thanks @JDRoberts and @Tony. I'll report back when I get the zwave plus switch from Lowes.

I replaced several very old GE switches this past weekend and the very old Aux switches work just fine with the latest switches.

Me too.. hopefully network will be better

So the Inovelli switch does not work the AUX switch. Documentation say to only use regular ON/OFF switch.

Correct the GE Aux switches only work with GE smart switches. Inovelli and Zooz don’t require Aux switches and can work with dumb 3/4 way switches. Supposedly Inovelli is developing an Aux switch so dim and other functions can work from Aux switch.

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