Zwave or Zigbee switch in outdoor weatherproof box?

What are the chances of putting a Z-Wave or Zigbee switch in one of these outdoor weatherproof boxes and it working?

I have a spare Zwave switch and the outdoor box is about 20 feet from an Aeotec Zwave Repeater inside house as well as 2 Zwave Plus switches on wall inside of house even closer.

The next question is will cover close since the Toggle switch sticks out 90 degrees.

I would use an inbox zwave relay. You can wire the toggle switch to it. So it can be controlled either way (zwave or physically by the toggle).

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I can't tell from the photo but your box cover looks like it is for a receptacle. I've seen single switch covers but not dual (in a duplex format).

My guess is you can get a different cover.

This is assuming the OP wants to use the spare.

Agree with @aaiyar. A Qubino Flush 2 relay would work with your existing switches and fit inside that box. Zooz also has a micro relay as well. Both are available at The Smartest House.

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I've had a GE Z-wave outlet in an outside box for 2 years. Works fine.

UUUGGGHHH!!!!! I didn't even think of that. It is 2 switches in a single box so I am SOL. I guess if I want to do it, I would have to buy additional equipment. Since this isn't that important, I am probably not going to do that. Thanks for pointing out the obvious that I completely missed. I guess it's on to finding another way to use the spare switch I have sitting around.

Wouldn't you have signal trouble with the metal housing anyway?

If you were still hankering to automate - what device does it control? Lights or something else. Could always use bulbs or relays wherever the load is..

That was my initial concern and reason for posting the question. Now, thanks to @JohnRob who pointed out something obvious that I missed, the switch I have will not fit.

I ALWAYS have a hankering but not enough to risk trying to sneak another Home Automation purchase past the better half.

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PAF (WAF/HAF) - is really a great way to remain properly grounded. (pun!)


Not terribly easy to use as you have to flip the door open but we don't need to use it very often as the lights are switched on by motion. This was from Home Depot. Box, Conduit, and Cover are all plastic.