Zwave or WiFi RGBWW/CCT LED Strip Controller?

I'm installing RGBWW LED strips for crown lighting. I want BOTH white strips so I can control the white temp. The Gledopto Zigbee controller seems to work, but the bulk of my house is ZWave and this controller looses connection to the hub where it will be installed.

I can't find a ZWave RGBWW controller that works w/hubitat - anyone here find one?

Alternatively, WiFi could work - Giderwel has one but I can't find whether there's a usable Hubitat driver for it. Does anyone have any experience with this controller?:


You could also get some Zigbee plug to be a repeater between the hub and where the lights will be. Just a thought.

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Yea, looks like my best option. Thanks!

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