ZWave (non plus) status changes/logging

Quick question, I know non-plus devices are getting long in the tooth... I have a couple GE outlets/switches that don't seem to show device events from time to time. Using the Generic ZWave outlet/switch drivers.

Is this becoming more of an issue and indicative that I need to start replacing them?


Do you have the devices on the Poller app? I think your behavior is normal in HE if they are non plus. I replaced mine.

No, not using the poller app

I have always had this some but not to the degree I am now

Non-plus devices never report local changes to the hub. That is the way that they are designed to work. So, if you initiate a change from Hubitat, Hubitat will know that it happened. But if you make a local change on the device itself, hubitat will not know unless the device is polled.

Thanks Ryan for the info. I am aware of that and in fact, in this case, it's my garage door outlet, no way for me to turn it on/off w/o hubitat or a ladder (which isn't happening).

I use it along with presence sensor to turn on the outlet/garage door opener and off 5 mins later

It stopped reporting several weeks ago and then yesterday it started reporting again

Oh well, time to start thinking about upgrading

I was plagued with this too. One in particular was controllable via rules and automation but the event log showed nothing. Turning off breaker for a few minutes and back on sometimes fixed this situation- air gap in older models didn’t kill the Zwave radio power so breaker is only option. I grew tired of the babysitting and ended up replacing them when on sale.

Thanks everyone

I happen to work for a company that makes switches and plugs so i can buy them pretty cheap, just hate spending the money and time...

My wife said, don't tell me you need to upgrade to new technology, well... no different than replacing cars, refrigerators... everything needs to be replaced at some point. not so sure she was buying it

Wish me luck

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