Zwave Motion Sensor with no clusters?

Its a ZOOZ 4in1 and it works fine but in the zwave details page it shows this in the clusters section.


in: , out:

What does this mean? Do i ignore it?

Something went wrong during inclusion which might cause reporting problems so I recommend removing the device and joining it again.

If it does the same thing again you might want to factory reset it by using the paperclip to push the recessed button on the bottom 10 times really fast.

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I'll give that a try later thanks.

It usually doesn't really matter, but it is nice to have the right info in there.

Once the device is on the z-wave network and associated with the hub, the driver handles all of the message parsing anyway. So whether there is anything listed in the clusters from fingerprinting or not, as long as the messages are coming in the device will still work just fine if the correct driver is selected.

The driver doesn't usually (99% of the time) refer back to the cluster values received during fingerprinting. That being said, I do have some drivers that use the fingerprinting data, so it is not 100% unused.

Is the device working / updating currently? If it is, then I wouldn't worry about the missing data too much.

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Yes it is working fine and reporting . I wish it was a bit faster to trigger motion but I think that's not going to change

I get that. I had a lot of problems with my zooz 4-in-1 when I used it in ST - both in reporting speed and battery life. It works fine for others though, so I might have had a dud.

I eventually replaced it with an Aeotec multisensor 6.

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Do you think the response time would get better if I ran inclusion again? Wishful thinking lol

Nope. It won't hurt anything, but if the messages are already coming in - that's pretty much what you are going to get.

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Correct, but if I just joined a device and I noticed that the clusters were missing I personally find it faster to just remove and re-join the device then to test everything to make sure it's reporting properly. If the lifeline group association didn't get assigned properly then the device would still report all the values when you wake it up because they're requested, but the driver wouldn't receive automatic reports originating from the device.

If he's already confirmed that everything is reporting fine on it's own then I agree that leaving it without the clusters populated is fine.

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Removing and re-joining won't improve the speed.

The device only takes measurements at 3 minute intervals so there's no way to make that faster, but I've found that the motion reporting speed is pretty fast for a z-wave device if you have the VER 2.0 model with the CR123A battery.

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Me too, no argument there! :smile:


If I remove it and rejoin will any rules tied to the device have to be redone?

I gather these settings are only valid with the latest version of the 4-in-1? I've found that when these sensors get below 2.9 volts their response time suffers and when the z-wave mesh is anything but robust they don't register motion as fast as I'd like.

I've hard wired one of these sensors in a high traffic area where I wanted the best response time and did not want lights going off due to missed motion. When I set this one device to have a 3 minute retrigger it would eat up batteries.

something weird just happened.

I rebooted my hub which I havent done in a long time, every announcement that the system has ever made over chromecast came across all of the speakers, like about 50 announcements form various rules. Now when i go to zwave details that garage motion now has clusters associated with it and i did nothing with the sensor.

I have mine set for 30 second retrigger, battery still reads 100 after a couple of months. My firmware is v17.9

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No. Each setting that is different between firmware versions shows the supported firmware versions. For example (Firmware 5.9 & 16.9) shown in your screenshot. The data section near the bottom of the screen should show the device's firmware version.

I also see that the syncStatus shows "2 Pending Changes" which means that 2 of your settings haven't been sent to the device. If you enable debug logging and open logging before waking the device up you should be able to see which settings haven't been applied. It should also log warnings if you've selected values that aren't valid for your firmware version.

I'm not sure what firmware version you have, but 3 Minutes isn't supported by the 17.9 firmware so if you have that version it's most likely still using the default value of 15 seconds which would explain the poor battery life. I believe the valid options for the 17.9 firmware is 15-60 seconds.

If you have the model that takes 2 AAA batteries the battery life is going to suck no matter what you're using for the settings...