I recently acquired a stick that was used to flash a zwave light switch. Having never dealt with this little guy before, I'm curious of the possibilities of this little stick. What can I do with it? Please share


Are you referring to the UZB z-wave stick? Or the Z-wave programmer?



So, you're going to be moving off of HE and over to WD as a z-wave controller? I'm confused.


NO NO ... I bought it to fix an ailing switch. Now that's done .. I don't know what I can do with it. Just wondering if there are other uses for it.


I believe it's fundamentally the same as our Nortek -- but obviously Zwave only.

I don't have one, but plug it into a Linux box and it appears the same as other ZWave sticks. Not a surprise there, the chip is the same, from one manufacturer... only series vintage differs. Series 200, series 300 and Silabs makes series 700 now.


Soooooo.... what can I do with it? Anything neat?


it doesn't have a battery or button like the Aeon Z-Stick, so you've got a tiny paperweight there :frowning:

You CAN join it to your Hubitat's network using Zensys Tools and or OZWCP. You can do ZWave Repairs in parallel. Those tools have great logs and you can observe more of what goes on as a result. Pretty easy to implement OZWCP on a rPi and just let it sit around waiting for a need. :slight_smile: Plus you can make backups of your ZWave side of the Nortek USB Stick that way. :slight_smile: