Zwave LR (Again)

I have 3 c7 hubs. All works great but I'm buying a bunch of zooz things on the black Friday sales. Many of them advertise long range support (I think all devices I looked at was based on the 800 chip set).

So does any hubitat hub support long range yet? I looked at some ancient threads when lr was announced but they where inconclusive.


As is expected from Hubitat they aren't talking futures... They often suggest something like: it will be ready when it's ready. Where 'it' is something that people ask for. The 800 series chips are in the C-8 and to my knowledge, it's where LR (long range) will surface, someday. It's already December so it's easy for me to say 'we won't see it this year.' :smiley:

I think the problem is... that LR is too niche at this moment. Maybe 6 months from now with a larger density of potential devices populating our world, the usefulness of LR will emerge. I know I'd love to have a LR device to test and get experience with, but the ONE device I have that is far from my hub has worked fine for several years. It's outdoors and so I'm having to wait for an LR outdoor plug-in Switch. I might be waiting a while, in the mean time maybe I'll get a Zooz just to have something for the LR party that comes around eventually. :smiley:


Good feedback. I bought a half dozen devices. Two of them I'd like to place near my gate which is a fair distance away from my hub.

I guess wait and see. I don't yet see a need to upgrade the hub, I'm waiting to hear all is stable before I jump on that bandwagon.

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I bought 2 Zooz ZEN04 800LR plugs because I could. I don't really need them for my current use, but they were about the same price at The Smartest House as the older Series 700 plugs.

I'd like to get an outdoor Z-Wave LR plug, but I have not seen them available anywhere yet.

I do see a potential use for various "yard control" devices, such as your gate example, so I hope the Z-Wave LR choices increase.

That's exactly my use case. Essentially yard type of devices.