Zwave losing connections

last week i got rid of ghost devices. everything was running great until this morning. Everything seems to have dropped off the network

A repair doesnt help. i get
Failed Nodes: 26 36 1F 42 3A 3E 0E 32 2A

I was at the latest software but rolled back to based on some of the comments on saw about 2.3.4 having some issues.


i rolled back and pulled the plug for 30 mins. plugged it back in and everything came back...odd

I think it's more likely pulling the plug that had an effect, not rolling back.

Removing power (hopefully from the wall not the micro USB connection) sort of flushes the Z-Wave radio. If this happens once and never again you're probably OK but often it's a temporary fix and there's still an underlying issue. If the latter, I'd suspect a device is generating an excessive amount of traffic and that's overloading the radio.

I only saw two S0 devices - one of them is a security device so that makes sense. The S0 algorithm is really inefficient and known to cause issues, but 2 should be OK. I didn't see any Zooz 4:1 devices - those are also known culprits.

In general a z-wave repair (unless it's on a specific device) causes more problems than it solves, so I'd avoid that unless support specifically recommends it.

A lot of your devices have a relatively few number of neighbors and I'm wondering if you could use more repeating devices. Since a reboot resets the zwave stats, though, it's hard to tell.

What does your zwave details page look like now?

the only zooz i have are zen71 (one installed one not hooked up to zwave yet). then a few 76's not installed yet.

The s0 devices i didnt do like that on purpose. maybe ill remove/add them again

i have one battery item now with a route missing. I think its just to far away and i need to add something inbetween.

The garage door you may want to leave be. I think I saw a range extender - that can be safely included with no security if it will let you.

I have one on my shed that doesn't show up with a route until it reports in, but yet it's never been an issue. If it's on the edge of the network I'd try triggering it and see what happens.

How do your signal strengths and response times look when the mesh settles down?

5 mins is sufficient for clearing the z-wave radio. 20 mins for zigbee to be thrown into panic mode. Sometimes after updates the z-wave radio is corrupt. Power cycling fixes it. Should be safe to re update the platform.

Barrier devices (locks, and garage door openers will only pair with security). I would re pair the extenders without.

Been a few days and everything is super stable and back to normal

Still at older firmware for the hub.

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