ZWave Locks: Yale Assure 2 vs Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro


I'm trying to figure out which lock is the one with best Hubitat integration between Yale Assure 2 (Touch without key) and Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro.
I was under the impression that zwave had same functionality as wifi, however:

-Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro zwave has been confirmed to only be able to lock/unlock, but doesn't show status of door or any other features beyond that, making it quite a dumb lock. Does lock Manager even work in Hubitat?

  • Yale Assure 2 zwave: I'm unsure if it can lock / unlock? Can it show the door status? Does it manage Lock Manager?

My intention is to have two locks, one on the gate to the property and the other mounted on the main door. Upon successful unlock at the gate, the Hubitat hub will send a HTTP command to my Reolink cameras facing the entrance to the property to deactivate the siren and the notification, but leave other cameras activated.

Upon successful unlock at the main door, the Hubitat hub will go into "At home" mode, deactivating all my Aeotec Multpurpose (contact/vibration) and indoor motion sensors, as well as deactivating siren and notifications on my other Reolink Cameras overlooking the rest of the property.

So, can this even be achieved with a "smart" lock, or is this just one of those... "gotcha - still not possible" moments?

Any ideas on the lock and how to manage such a trivial thing would be greatly appreciated.

All possible using RM or webCoRE, just need to use the unlock event as the trigger. Any supported Zwave+ or Zigbee lock should work.


Thanks for your quick response. Does the unlock have to happen on the Hubitat Dashboard or will it identify a successful unlock from the pin/fingerprint/key/BT from the lock itself?

Unlock event is generated by the device, so can be physically or digitally initiated. If you want to get really fancy you can even initiate different actions depending on which method or code was used.

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