Zwave Lock Status Delay

I'm currently in the process of transitioning from SmartThings to Hubitat.

Contacts and motion sensors were moved to the Hubitat hub and are triggering via WebCore without issues.

I paired one of my Kwikset door locks to Hubitat. PINs moved over and it can be controlled from the dashboard without issues.

The status of the door lock however is not updating in realtime when I unlock from the keypad. Unlike SmartThings, whenever an unlock event occurs, the notification from the app appears immediately, even if multiple unlocking events occurs at the lock within minutes; as in I can lock, unlock, and then lock again within the span of seconds, and the app will always show me the unlocking events via notifications.

With Hubitat, there wouldn't be any lock status update until minutes later. I used the built-in app Notifications to send me notifications when a lock is unlocked. It seems the shortest amount of time it'll poll a Zwave lock is 1 minute? The unlocking event is initiated from the lock itself, shouldn't Hubitat receive the notification and be able to send the notification via app immediately like SmartThings?

I've also refreshed the Zwave mesh, but I'm fairly certain it's not a network issue as the lock is roughly 10 feet away from the Hubitat hub and locking/unlocking from the dashboard updates the status immediately.

Can anyone shed some light on why this delay would be happening with Hubitat?

I deleted my previous because I can't see why the lock would need to be polled since the event is initiated at the lock.

There is a value in the Notification App that might impact what you are seeing. I haven't played with it. There is a setting for "How frequently to you want to be notified? Default is single notification per event."

Locks not reporting is a common issue. There is a Reliable Locks app that is supposed to help with this.

Oh, and WELCOME! I also came from Smartthings with my Kwikset lock. :slight_smile:

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I checked under the frequency section, but not finding the one referenced.

I've selected "Lock" rather than "Lock Code" under the device dropdown. Should I be using "Lock Code" all this time?

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll look into it, but I was hoping that Hubitat natively would be able to accomplish this without added overhead.

Have you noticed any other "odd" things while migrating from SmartThings?

Maybe not related to OP's issue, but isn't this the exact scenario where you WOULD need to poll an old ZWave (not Plus) device? If the hub initiated it, it would already know the status.

I wouldn't worry about overhead. I'm not sure how it works (polling periodically?), but I'm sure it's minimal. Maybe run with what you have for a while to see how important it is. I ended up not really needing it and removing it.

I can't think of anything. Hubitat makes a few things easier. I haven't found anywhere where Smartthings was better. They're similar in concepts, but different in workflow.

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Then my original (deleted) comment may have some value - that is checking whether it's a Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus device (0x5E in the inCluster indicates Z-Wave Plus).

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It's not a Z-Wave Plus device. But why would SmartThings be able to send those notifications, even multiple ones within a minute while Hubitat cannot?

I also since created a new notification for "Lock Codes". While the initial unlocking from the keypad did cause the push notification to come through, any subsequent ones, 10 minute or an hour later doesn't send any notification at all. I also don't have any limit on number of notifications per minute.

Does Hubitat require this extra step where SmartThings didn't?

In a word, yes. SmartThings wasn't as concerned about what its hub was doing since most processing was in the cloud. With Hubitat being almost exclusively local, doing something like polling old devices that maybe few people have anymore is something they left as discretionary. Look for the Z-Wave Poller app if that is what is needed to resolve the issue.

And it's not an extra step. It's something SmartThings does whether you want to or not, and Hubitat lets you do it if your setup calls for it.

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Installed the Z-Wave Poller, but it only shows "Dimmers" and โ€ขSwitches" to poll; nothing for door locks.

Welcome to the community. The post doesn't quite have enough details to know for sure the cause of the problems, but there are a few things that might help track this down:

  1. Logs. Most devices and apps have the ability to enable some extra logging to see what is going on. Screen captures of logs are always helpful in diagnosing problems.
  2. Device events. On the lock page, you can view the events and timestamp recorded by the hub. Are you seeing a delay in events here (or in the logs)?
  3. Z-wave Mesh issues. Assuming you have a C-7, what are you seeing in the z-wave details page routes and stats for this lock? How many z-wave devices are in your mesh and do you have z-wave repeaters near the lock?
  4. Z-wave firmware. On the z-wave details page, if there is a button to upgrade the firmware, you might see if that helps your situation.
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Sorry if I led you astray. I was mostly commenting to where the polled app might be needed.

Locks can be frustrating. Hope someone helps with a solution.

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Ive had several non plus kwikset locks over the years and i never had to poll for status on any of them.

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It's not clear to me whether the issue is with the lock or with the notification app. I suppose examination of the logs should help clarify that.

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Just a FWIW.
I have 3 Kwikset locks. Status was fine in ST but I have to poll them every 2 miniutes in WebCore to always get a current status. They are ZW+ but they just suck at range and reporting.

  1. I looked into the logs and the events are definitely delayed. I did end up excluding and then again included the Z-Wave door lock, that seem to have alleviated the delay issue though after a few quick lock/unlock from the keypad or manual lock lever, the delay returned and the device details page also started failing to update properly. However, events were being reported and responded to correctly in webCoRE...unsure why.
  2. See my answer from 1.
  3. I initially did rediscovery on the Z-Wave mesh. Since I'm migrating from SmartThings, the only Z-Wave device added up to that point was the single door lock. The door lock is only roughly 10 feet from the Hubitat C-7 hub if at all; it's running
  4. The Z-Wave details page doesn't seem to include a current version number, but there was an update available that I then proceeded to install.

I ended up having webCoRE send me notifications for unlocking events; seems to be triggering correctly in realtime so far. If all goes well over the next few days, I'll pair in the other locks.

You have to poll the locks every 2 minutes with ST or since migrating to HE?