Zwave Lock Battery Issue/Question

I have a Schlage connect zwave lock that just recently started to go through batteries very quickly, sometimes in 24hours. I have read several threads by folks that have had similar issues and have done most if not all of the recommended remedies (have repeaters, resets etc.etc.). None have worked. I replaced the lock (haven't talked to Schage yet) with a Yale YRD226 Zwave lock and so far so good.

Had a thought last night....I have an Inovelli Red Series switch in my bedroom on which I have the indicator light flash red when the door is unlocked. I wondered if having that indication requires the lock to be in constant contact with the hub and thus shorten the battery life. Not sure how that would work but want to make sure that is not what is causing the battery issue before I program that for the new lock. If anybody understands how that works it would be great, especially if the old lock has not malfunctioned and I can use it on another door. Would be a bummer though because I like that feature of the Inovelli Red Series Dimmer!

Thanks in advance!!

Steve Giblin

Are you polling the lock or trapping the unlock event? If polling it could cause a drain, if trapping an event shouldn't impact the lock at all.

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Also, remember to assure the locking process is very smooth. If the dead bolt encounters resistance, the battery drain is very high. This can happen even after it works well - especially during seasonal temp-humidity changes.

The Schlage BE469ZP (Z-Wave Plus) and BE469NX (Z-Wave non-Plus) will go into a “high force” mode if the lock jams or has difficulty moving the deadbolt. It can happen if the striker plate is not properly aligned, etc. If the lock keeps trying to unlock/lock multiple times, it will switch to high force mode.

The only way to get the lock out of “high force” mode is to exclude the lock (which will ruin your dashboards and rules unless you swap in a temporary virtual placeholder lock for all ”in use by” items on the lock’s device page), factory reset the lock, then include it again (and swap out the virtual placeholder, if you used that trick). This will delete all user codes and configuration, you will have to set up everything again.

Not sure....The light on the switch flashes as long as the lock is unlocked. That's why I was wondering if it has to constantly "check in" ...

I'm pretty sure that the bolt has not been binding at all...

I swapped out the electronics modules on my two Schlage BE469NX locks (which were seeing about 3 month battery life) with electronics modules for BE469ZP locks when I swapped my C-5 for a C-7, which can do S2 pairing. That was last September. Here are the batteries today, 7 months later:


What is S2 pairing. I have the C5. Is it worth upgrading to C7?

It’s a newer security pairing protocol that uses 1/3 the packets of S0, which is an older (now not preferred) protocol. It’s simply a mesh congestion issue if you have a lot of devices because of the 3x packets.

If everything is working fine, the answer is no. They are the same except for the Z-Wave radio (C-7 is Z-Wave 700 Series chip). See my post earlier today in another thread: