Zwave Join fails on Yale Locks

I migrated from a Hubitat C7 to a Hubitat C8. I had to factory reset my Yale Lock (which uses Z Wave) for other issues and rejoin it to the C8. I verified I had no Zombie devices and i made sure to remove the Yale lock before attempting to re-add it. The C8 will not join the lock with the required S0 security level. I verified this behavior by testing the lock on the old C7. It will join and exclude with S0 security with no issue on the C7 but the C8 will only add the lock with no security which violates yale lock security which requires S0 level. Is there any way to force a device to join at the S0 level ? @support_team wondering if there is a z wave radio bug between the two versions. Not sure how to collect the proper diagnostic information but the issue is very repeatable so I should be able to collect something if you tell me were to look.

If it won't pair S0 it is likely that the signal isn't good enough to complete the security key exchange.

Could try moving the lock closer to the hub, or the hub closer to the lock and retry the pairing.

If it is already "close" it could be that the zwave radio is busy. For that you could try shutting down the hub from the web interface, then unplug it for 30s or so. Power back up and try again.

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Good point, but the lock about 2 feet from the Hubitat C8 in directly line of site. I gave the shutdown / reboot a shot with the same result. Yale locks only understand S0 but for some reason the C8 keeps adding it with no security.

Oh site note, I did find this in the log

sys:12023-04-30 05:24:05.982 PMwarnZ-Wave Inclusion timed out, status:7

sys:12023-04-30 05:24:05.962 PMinfoZ-Wave Discovery Stopped

sys:12023-04-30 05:23:35.484 PMwarnZ-Wave device id: 138 failed S2 bootstrapping - - Bootstrapping was successful - the device needs to be excluded then included again to use securely.

sys:12023-04-30 05:22:17.462 PMinfoZ-Wave Discovery Running

What's interesting to me is the C8 knows the lock requires some security but it's try S2 and not S0. Note Yale locks don't support S2.

After several attempts and another round of reboots of the Hubitat C8 followed by an immediate attempt to add the C8 did struggle, but it succeeded. The C7 didn't have nearly this amount of trouble to add a device with C0 so I do expect there is something odd with how the new 800 series z wave chipset handles S0 communications but I have no way to narrow that down. For now the issue is resolved with the multiple hub reboots and quick attempts following those reboots.


Out of curiosity, when you were doing your reboots, did you physically pull power from the hub after doing the shutdown from the web interface?

You have to do that if you want the z-wave radio to fully reboot. Otherwise the radio remains powered up.

Aka doing a reboot from the web interface is not enough to fully reboot the radio.

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In all cases I shutdown the hub through the web interface first then pulled the power as the second step so the radio was rebooted several times. I've run into the issue you mentioned before with the radio retaining a previous state. I've had a LOT of busy or froze radio issues over time with no changes on my side. The C7 Hub's radio was significantly more stable with the exact same configuration. I have to admit, if I can't get the C8's radio to be more stable then it historically has been, I'm going to need to make the hard choice to either swap back to the C7 which had performance issues, or migrate to another platform entirely but that's an extended part of this story.

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