ZWave Inconsistency

After almost a year of nearly trouble free Zwave on the C8, I upgraded to the C8 Pro a few weeks ago and have been dealing with some issues. Mostly laggy response of devices, LED switch notifications not updating in unison, and motorized blinds seem to fall off network daily. Looking at my ZWave page I see a few devices with no route:
For now I'm looking at Garage 1 Door Sensor

I highlighted the devices and there is no route. Then I opened my garage door and the device details page updated as expected.
If the device is updating as expected, why is the route missing from the zwave table. Yes I refreshed the zwave table after the device reported door open and closed.
Ultimately, is it supposed to work this way? If a route is empty shouldn't that mean there is no communication with the device?

Could you PM me your Hub ID?

The RTT times in the portion of the screenshot seem to show that the response time is good, so there is likely something else going on here..

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On your battery powered sensor device you listed here.. This get's updated on every command sent from the hub to the device. This will only happen during wake-up commands.. If your device is operating properly, there is no need to worry.


Shut down and power down the hub for 30 seconds just to be sure the radio gets a good restart.

Then you could try doing a full repair if you want after being booted up for about 10 minutes.

From there just let it simmer for a couple of days.

Usually these issues work themselves out within a few days after migration but maybe the radio needed a restart?