ZWave gets "sleepy" after using a nanomote keyfob - bump please help

I'm removing all unnecessary and confusing updates I had posted in hopes I can get some help on this thread.

I'm trying to figure out why the zwave portion of my c5 hub is freezing for minutes at a time. During this period I'm unable to trigger any zwave devices, however incoming zwave such as motion detectors still update on the dashboard.

I can put the hub into this sleepy mode by standing in front of my garage doors and using a nanomote to open/close the doors, Usually the first command works, then the system stops responding. Using the nanomote from inside seems to work pretty reliably.

I would say just a simple range issue isn't the case because: I have zwave color bulbs installed about 75 feet further from the house that work flawlessly, I have inovelli zwave switches installed inside the garage that also work, I have an aeotec repeater 7 installed in an outdoor protected outlet right in front of the garage doors, and finally, where I'm standing is ultimately about 30 feet from where the HE hub itself is located.

My thoughts are when I'm standing outside the nanomotes commands are being routed through a device that is acting funky and tying up the radio for a few minutes. I'm simply guessing based on all the circumstances.

I'm not very knowledgeable on how zwave operates, I understand only the basics. Without having to remove devices one at a time is there a more efficient way to trace where my problem is coming from?

Maybe this thread is buried? I've already ordered a new c7 hub, but I suspect it's a device on my zwave network that is the culprit. Thoughts on how to efficiently diagnose are appreciated!

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