Zwave gatway endpoint in version 2.38

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why not show this on zwave details page


I was thinking the same for a few weeks now... seems to be the logical solution instead of having to use endpoints


I put it into the Hub Information Device v3 driver this afternoon...


I suggested this in the Hubitat Facebook group and thought it was being looked into as something natively available in the Zwave settings page as opppsed to an endpoint or requiring installation of the Hub Information Driver.

Endpoints don't require anything to be can simply type them into a brower address field...


The (excellent) Hub Info Driver just provides another way to view the info.

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Well, you have to know the endpoint is there. That is not that intuitive to the casual user who is being told they may have to check once they update the hub firmware to see what version they have.

Facebook Convo for reference. I specifically asked about having it in the settings to make it easier to find. I mean, we don't need to hit an endpoint to check our hub version or channel information. We really should not have to to check the radio versions either.

Still not a complaint. But a suggestion for not having to install community software or figure out endpoints to check something so basic - especially for some of the userbase who are wanting more of a plug and pray..... er uh plug and play device.

I get that most of us tinker. I have the information driver and most of the endpoints I want saved as favorites in my browser. But, we aren't all the average user and it seems this idea actually made a little sense to a major contributor who responded they were looking into it. Maybe the endoint is just prep for moving it into the settings or hub details screen..... :man_shrugging:


One of the problems I see is clutter. There might be 25 people in the whole community that have an interest in these AND can hunt down what the ideal numbers are supposed to be.

I just don't really understand why a fresh from the box Hub needs to have geeky nerd stuff exposed where it confuses 25,000 people. Especially when it's readily available to anyone via the

which allows us to create dashboards full of attributes to contrast and compare.

By the way, this is a Devil's Advocate message, it may or may not express my true opinion. :smiley:

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First things, first. Small steps forward :slight_smile:

Added /hub/advanced/zipgatewayVersion endpoint to show current Zwave-IP gateway version.

To what purpose would I need to know this?

Unless you're digging really deep into how the ZWave stack is configured and working (maybe 0.5% of HE owners) you don't.