Zwave first alert smoke/ missing notifications


If I use the built in safety monitor smoke notification, choose all smoke alarms.

When I trigger an alarm using the physical button on the smoke detector, no notifications.

If I make a custom monitor rule, the set of the alarm is ignored, but clear is sent as a notification.

New to Hubitat, so maybe missing something

Look at the device page and enable debug logging. Do your test and then look at the device events. Did doing a test trigger an event? If not, Hubitat isn't seeing it because the alarm isn't sending anything.

I would not be surprised if a test didn't raise an event, but a real fire would. That being said, don't get the idea to burn paper under the alarm to test it.

From what I remember the test button doesn't set an event. Take a paper towel, light it on fire (over sink) blow it out and wave it at the fire alarm so it goes off. It should now send an event.

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Test never worked for me. Just an "onboard/local" function test I guess.

Hilariously, I light a paper towel and blow it out for some smoke haha. And, they are not fast at recognizing it. I guess reduces false alarms. Silly, but I've done it a lot as I have a few of the first alerts and after having a bad detached garage fire a few years ago, I'm SUPER paranoid about alerts and function.

I haven’t used a z-smoke or z-combo for a few years, but this was the behavior I noted when I had them in the past.

Interesting, I am migrating from SmartThings.

On smartthings triggering a test by holding the button sent a set and clear and trigger monitored events for smoke alarm .

On Hubitat Clicking on the button does send both events a set and clear events to the Hubitat hub, it just does not trigger smoke in hsm.

Here are the events in the logs.

The custom rule only triggers on the clear not the set.

Built in smoke hsm when I have choose all smoke detectors does nothing

If you look at the device page itself, does the attribute change?

Yes it goes
Smoke: tested
Smoke: cleared

This is presumably why it doesn’t trigger an HSM alert. The alert is triggered by smoke “detected” IIRC.

You could probably trigger a notification in Rule Machine with the “tested” attribute though?

No, thanks, I am done researching for now.

The event is coming through to the hub, but because the event is "test", would not trigger HSM builtin smoke, but the real event should trigger the smoke event in HSM.


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