ZWAVE Door Lock - NON Access Codes

Many ZWave Locks including my Yale Assure locks have the capability of having a NON ACCESS CODE. These codes when entered will tone the lock and will create a response and log entry that can then be acted upon but do not actually operate the lock mechanism (unlock the door). I don't see this capability in the Lock Code Manager. Anyone know of an app or a way to do this?

We utilize them in a hospitality/vacation rental environment to provide status on the property... Guest can enter a code into the lock to let us know they have checked out for example. Housekeepers can enter a code to let us know it is clean, etc... Those then flow back to our other systems and/or we receive notifications about them.

I have Yale Assure locks. And I can’t find this (non-access codes) in the manual. Can you provide me with a link describing how such codes are added to the lock?

To be honest, I haven’t come across non-access codes with any of the zwave or zigbee locks I’ve owned.

I mean with the Schlage at least when a code is entered that is not one of the unlock codes, it still generates a log entry with that invalid code. That easily could be used in that Casio (again at least with the Schlage) so write a rule that watches the logs for that specific code and acts on it.

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Interesting. I don’t remember that happening, but I haven’t had Schlage locks in 3 years.

It shows up in debug at least. Now I need to look if it shows up without debug on... dammit. Thanx for making me question myself :joy:

Can confirm that the Kiwkset 620s don't log it as an event. There's an event for "tamper" but no code

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