Zwave discovery issue

I mistakenly lost all of my GE In-Wall Zwave outlets. Now I have deleted a couple of the outlets and then reset them to factory defaults. When I start the Zwave inclusion and press the button on the in-wall plug i never discover it.

I had them discovered before, My Hub was just updated to

Is there an issue with Zwave inclusions on this release?

If you deleted them without excluding them, you've probably left ghost devices. Post a screenshot (or several if needed) of the table in Settings > Z Wave Details.

Went to that location and I have this.

Should I reply reset then press the reset button.

You already went half nuclear, maybe step it back a second. So no, do not reset the entire radio.

Do you have no zwave devices listed at all? Just the reset warning?

Have you done a full shut down of the hub, pull power for 10 seconds and rebooted?


Correct no zwave devices on the list. No I have pulled power on the hub but I can do that as well.

Do you have any other zwave devices? I would try doing the power down and reboot first, see if something shows up on the details page afterwards.

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OK Now I have a bunch of devices on the list.

If you have an "Update Firmware" button at the top of that page, do the firmware update before doing anything else! It will make it work a lot better.

All those devices that say "Discover" are a ghost node, not connected to anything.
Do you have any actually paired devices that do not say Discover and have a route?

If there are no paired zwave devices, the full radio reset will get you back to a clean slate.

If you DO have paired and functioning devices, you will need to go through each of the ghost nodes, and click "REFRESH", let the page refresh, look for a remove button. Click the remove button ONCE, let it do its thing. If you are lucky it will remove. You may need to do it a few times before it goes away. If it seems to get stuck and wont do anything anymore, try the full power down and reboot again.

Once you get rid of all the ghost nodes, then reassess your devices. Anything no longer paired, you should be able to pair now with the mesh sorted out.

Good Luck!

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I'm just going to refresh and remove all and then rediscover them.

Many thanks for your help.

What about a device after the refresh comes back as not responding?

If no remove button yet, you may need to refresh multiple times before it will show up, not sure why. The removal is a pain to do from the hub due to the SiLabs SDK. Best thing here is to be patient and not get too click happy. If you send too many commands at once it will just jam it all up again.

Yep that not responding one gave me a remove button after doing another refresh.

What happens when the refresh does not give me a remove button. Is there a way to remove all that are left? I have 7 left to remove.

I've done a shutdown and pulled power once.

The only way to remove all is to do the radio reset, but if you have any other working devices those will all have to be paired and setup again.

Other option is with a USB stick which is detailed in this community guide: Z-Wave Ghost Removal using a UZB-Stick - How To

Also if the refresh refuses to give the remove button it is possible the device you tried to pair is still pending and on. Could try pressing Discover to see if by chance it finishes pairing it.


I would HIGHLY recommend you look into this. You are thrashing about and making a lot of brute force moves, causing yourself extra frustration. That linked article is really well written for a complete noob to follow along and works very well with far less frustration. But brute force works too, eventually (been there done that). That article and process saved my sanity!

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If a node responds it will not give a remove.. If you hit discover button on those you will probably get a driver assigned..

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I ended up doing the reset to remove what zwave devices that were left over. Rediscovered all of them and Iā€™m back to normal.

Thanks to all for the assistance.


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