Zwave dimmer commands wrong after hub crash

My C-5 hub would not boot a few days ago, the status led was stuck on blue. From the diagnostic screen I tried a soft reset, but the hub never started up. Tried the hard reset and also didn't start up. I am not sure all the steps I did afterwards, but the hub finally rebooted. I did a restore from a few days before the crash, but all my zxave devices were not responsive. Some of the zigpbee devices still work. I started to reset the zwave devices and add them back. But I am finding that when I add in a generic zwave dimmer (Leviton DZPD3) the commands listed are like some type of audio device, mute, next track, pause play. From a dashboard only the dimmer function works, I can't shut it on/off). I am think I need to do a complete hard reset, but not restore. Just start fresh. Any suggestions? In addition, I just added in a generic zigbee outlet, and it is not responding to on/off commands either. I am running FW version .