Zwave devices (zooz) not showing up in google

I recently replaced my Smartthings hub with hubitat and having issues with some new zwave/zigbee devices showing up in google.

The old zwave outlets I had before the switch to hubitat work just fine. However, last night, I installed a zooz zwave multi relay (Zen 16 or 17) and it's not showing up or controllable with google home. I can control them via hubitat, but they don't seem to be syncing with google.

We akso have zwave fire/co detectors that aren't showing up in google (but they're not a switch or anything really controllable, so this may be expected).

Any suggestions?


Did you add the new device to the Google Home integration app? Hubitat will only expose the specific devices that you authorize, so if you add a new one and want it available there, you'll need to make it so. Basically, just go to Apps > Google Home, add your device to list of selected devices, and hit Done to save.

See here for more: Google Home | Hubitat Documentation

Yeah, that was it.

I feel kinda silly.


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