Zwave devices failed... Again! C-7 on .145

I thought this was fixed on .145. Please spare me the reboot the hub, shut it down and let it boot up again fix. I do that and works for like a day then back to the non sense. I don’t have a single device in my WHOLE house that I have to do this for. Is a fix comming or are we all getting a refund for this non working C7 devices...

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Haha we are all waiting for the next FW fixes :slight_smile:
I have gotten addicted on clicking Check for Updates

Maybe there is something else going on with your hub or some device that is freaking it out. I'm running a C7 and I've never had issues with Z-wave or Zigbee devices. I know that doesn't help you but I'm just saying maybe it's not going to be a firmware issue?


So you're saying its time to click "Check for Updates" again? :thinking:

Post your wave details you must have one or more ghost devices.

Annoying, I know, I was there just a week or two ago as well, nothing on the Z-Wave side working at all.

If you post more info folks can try to help if you're interested in that. @bobbyD can chime in, hopefully.

What devices aren't working? Is it Z-Wave or ZIgbee? Some or all devices?

If it's only Z-Wave do you have devices in your device list that don't show any routing information in the last column on the Z-Wave Details screen? Just blank there?

Sorry for the troubles, it seems like your Z-Wave radio is overloaded. If you didn't do so already, please send us an email at so we can further research. Meanwhile, if you have many power/energy reporting devices, and/or using polling, please reduce the frequency of the reports.


Yep, power reporting is one way to take down a perfectly good hub. Been there, done that. People seem to think that 1W or 5W AND every X minutes AND every percent change will give better reports. Instead it just sends multiple, duplicate reports, and slams the Zwave network.

Do you have any or many power reporting devices?

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When you get a chance, could you please update to version to see if your experience improves?

Hi. I kinda new to hubitat but not to home automation. I've read about the issuses c7 having and I'm seeing them aswell. By following all recommendation to reboot, shutdown, look for ghost, and I even hard reset after last update and the new firmware to z-wave chip. Included all devices again and 2-3 day of using suddenly random devices dont respond. At least that was what I thougt. But I even included a secondary controller (Z-way) and the devices that dont respond to hubitat does respond to my secondary controller. No issues with the device. More and more devices no longer can be controlled from hubitat but still works fine from secondary. The thing is that they dont diappear. Hubitat can still see them and listen to them. The dashboard update when I turn them on or off but I cant control them fron the gui. Just installed The devices ar mostly Qubino Flush Dimmer and Qubino Flush relay.

This sounds like a browser issue. Can you try a different browser?

It doesn't matter if I'm on the phone browser or app or different computers. The hubitat does not send any command to those "not responding" devices.

sounds like a zwave mesh issue.. check your mesh add some switches or repeaters.. the antenna in the hubitat is not that strong.. definately weaker than my smarthings hub was with the same or simliar mesh.. i needd to add more switches and repeaters.. that would also explain why seondary controller works... maybe stronger antenna


I dont think that the case. I have 17 powered device and 13 battery devices. At the moment I got 4 non responding devices wich 2 of those are in line of sight less than 2meters from hubitat and the other 2 about 4meters away. I have several of the same devicemodel further away talking through walls at distance about 6meter and not routing and working fine, they speaks directly to hubitat.
And again Hubitat can see the device status when I turn the device on/off via the wallswitch. And under Z-wave detail they are Ok.