Zwave device talking to main hub, needs to talk to extender

I included my ZSE43 tilt/shock device to my dev hub. Then I noticed that when I placed the tilt on my gate it lost contact with the hub, or very intermittently connecting. So, I added a aeotec range 7 to a mid point, it is also talking directly to the hub.

How do I get the tilt to talk to the extender instead of the hub?

There's not a lot you can do to directly control how your zwave network routes, but you might try excluding and re-including your ZSE43. As long as it supports network-wide inclusion it might (emphasis on might) include the second time using the repeater and then remember that route. Or it might not.

lol! We need a zwave route editor!

I suppose I can try excluding it, then include at the gate, but it is a hassles as the tilt is wired to the gate.

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yeah like some sort of static routes table that can be edited. No such luck.

When you first included it, was it in its final resting place?

You might also just give it a few days and see if HE figures out a better route. The problem is zwave will remember the last working route even if it's not the optimal route.

It did just fix itself as I was typing the last message! It now has the correct route.

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Now let's just hope it STAYS fixed!

That is exactly what it is supposed to do.. it's so easy to get impatient as Z-Wave seems to take a little while to "settle" into the what the hub/radio chipset believes is the "optimal" configuration. I have made this mistake many times... sometimes making things worse (sigh).

I've also had trouble with devices that remember their original route and seemingly lock into it when there is a glitch and then refuse to change.


Sadly nothing like this exists in the SDK :frowning:

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in the PC Controller software there is this...

Which I've always been curious about..

I'm not sure you can specify a route like that. (I certain can and have often been wrong though)

You first. Let us know how it goes.

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