Zwave Device Dropped Off - 1st time for me

I have a Eaton RF9640 Zwave Plus dimmer in my guest bath controlled by an Iris MD. This afternoon I noticed the "level LED" of the dimmer was slowly blinking - and the light did not turn on when I entered the room. The slow blink indicates the device is not in a network. I checked on Hubitat devices and sure enough - that device is no longer listed. Also, all dashboards that had that device, and all apps that worked with that device had lost the dimmer. I brought my tablet to the room and entered zwave inclusion and tapped the dimmer switch and it was found immediately - an added in short order. Is this what normally happens when a device "falls off" the system? I would have expected "broken" rules or apps. There was still a tile on my dashboard, but a ? in the center of it.

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