zWave Details Page Missing Info

Not sure when it happened, but I upgraded to the latest firmware last night on all my C7s and a single C4, but only one of my C7's runs zWave (no zigbee), and now my zWave details page is blank... the devices are still communicating, but I can't see any of my devices on the zWave details pages which is interfering with my ability to see their routes. @bobbyD have you guys seen this behavior? How to resolve without having to remove / re-add all my zwave devices?

My locks for my doors are zwave and they are responding to rules for locking and unlocking so that's how I know they're still paired successfully.

Multisensors are all Aeotec Multisensor 7 and locks are Schlage BE469's...

Do a power-cycle; memory says it fixes the issue.




		a. Shut down hub from Settings menu
		b. Pull plug (from wall, hub connector can be fragile)
		c. Wait one minute
		d. Plug in hub and let it boot up
		e. Le us know if it's different after that


That worked... thanks!

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The universal electronics fix a power cycle. :laughing:

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