ZWave Broken After Adding Zooz ZSE40

It was reported and they were informed over 2 years ago, I wouldn't hold my breath on fixing this defective device. As you will see from reading the thread below, Zooz's "remedy" is they created a new different device for you to purchase.

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The inovelli 4 in 1 is passable and they write their own drivers. Any suggestions on other brands of temp, humidity and motion sensor?

New ZSE40 driver which allows you to disable the double reports on the ZSE40 FW 32.x
This will cut the traffic every 7s in half (from 2 reports to 1). I have tested with one device going on C7 with no issues, will be testing with 3 in a couple of weeks.

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Hey Folks,

Is the ZSE40 - 700 Series problematic? I see two models, but unsure to which model has the issues even if there are still issues?

Check out this thread..

edit: to summarize I think it works for the most part but there may be some battery reporting issues and it's probably a good idea to pair with no security.

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Thanks @erktrek, yeah I think it's still not completely 100% ok and the names of the devices confuses me a little 500 vs. 500 V2 vs. 700 I join all my devices with security none to save the hassle down the road.

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It's the 500 that's problematic on the C7. It needs joined with no security. 700 series is fine (anything besides s0 is fine, but prefer to pair with no security)


Here is my setup and I have not noticed any significant problems. I am using my custom driver and disabled the duplicate reporting (Parameter 8) on the ZSE40 500 series devices.

ZSE40-700: S2, High Traffic Area (family room)
ZSE40 (500): S0, High Traffic Area (my office)
ZSE40 (500): None, Low Traffic (hallway)
ZSE40 (500): None, Low Traffic (bathroom)
ZSE11 (500): S2, Low Traffic (bathroom)

I might re-pair my office sensor to no security eventually, using Zniffer I can see a lot of stuff flying back and forth due to the extra overhead of the S0 security. When it goes into a route change frenzy stuff really starts flying. I could see if you had 3+ of those in a high traffic area all on S0 where it could degrade the mesh.


Set that zse40 to none instead of s0. You will need a z-wave stick to do it

And even then it will be problematic. I had 3 of those on a C7 and it caused some issues. I fixed it by moving them to another hub that was a C5.

I just received a 700 series of that sensor that I will be installing in the coming days. Looking forward to seeing how it works. Hoping that it will eventually allow the use of Long Range (LR) technology!

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It should be upgradeable by firmware according to specs...


I just installed a ZSE40 700 V2 on my C7 hub. It seems to report everything BUT motion, which I need. I want to use it to detect someone heading for my alarmed front door, from the inside

Have you tried the community driver?

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After switching to the user driver it only reports battery level. I will try excluding and inclusion when I get time.

I assumed you hit the wake button on the ZSE40, and then hit configure on the device tab after changing drivers...

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I think I figured out what is going on. I excluded it and added to my dev hub and it works great. The only difference is the sensor is right next to the hub in this case.
So, I think if I pair it really close to the hub , then move it to the next room it may be ok, will try later.

** I have moved this discussion to a new thread: ZSE40 not reporting motion - #2 by JasonJoel

So with the new Zwave firmware.... is it safe to add these to a C7 again?

You can try, but in the end it's a zooz issue. During beta they did say they somewhat were handled, I'd just assume use the stick method to pair them with no security for the 500 series version and skip with the 700 series

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I have had 3 running since before the updated firmware with no issues. Optimized the settings with my custom driver. Definitely even better with the Z wave upgrade while I was beta testing.

Also have a 700 series and paired with S2 which works fine using my custom driver.


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