Zwave Activity

I emailed Hubitat support because my large ZWave network is extremely slow lately. They came back and said that I have a Piston that is running every 30ms or so and is consuming all my ZWave bandwidth. When I look in the Hubiutat Live Logs I do not see any Piston or activity that indicates this type of behavior. Where should I be looking to try and identify what Piston is making those kind of calls in a loop? I do have some Pistons (WebCore) that utilize Loop commands, but I looked at those and do not see a culprit. I rarely use the Loop command because I am afraid of runaway loops so I am a little surprised if a Piston is really the issue here.

If you go to logs, and go to app stats, and click on all available columns, that should help you narrow your search:


My zwave has gone berserk as of yesterday, I have replaced 2 switches and a sensor.