Zwave 800 lr with older zwave devices

I am redoing my backyard and looking to put some Z-Wave outside. My question is will the new 800 LR devices repeat the older devices that are not 800 devices? I will be adding 1 LR switch and a few outlets that are not 800lr. Would they still mesh? I am not sure if the outlets would reach the hub directly.

ZW LR and ZW Mesh are separate/unique frequencies.

Devices paired LR connect directly to the hub and do not participate in the mesh of non-LR devices.


LR devices will not repeat for any other device. They work in a hub and spoke configuration with the z-wave coordinator.



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I think the key point others have not explained is this is two fold. The 800LR devices SUPPORT Long Range pairing, but they also can be paired as a Mesh node.

So the answer to your question depends on how you pair the device. If you pair the 800LR devices in Long Range mode, they are not part of the mesh at all, just a single point to point node with the hub. However if you chose to pair them in Mesh mode, they will work like all other mesh devices, including the range limitations of that frequency vs the range as a LR node. As a mesh node they can repeat for any other mesh node of any chip revision.


Good point. I made some assumptions that I probably should have asked for clarification on.


The question I have is with the 800LR devices paired as LR. If I check the box to disable an 800LR device, can I unplug the 800LR device without any bad side effects. Since it isn't a part of the mesh and disabled will it cause z-wave complications. I am thinking about seasonal lighting uses outdoors.

Yes this should not cause any other disruptions. I actually do this with a couple of mesh devices already but they are out the outer edges of my devices so they do not repeat for anything else.

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Any reason why you can't just unplug or remove batteries from any LR device without disabling it in the Smart start app? Is the disabled desired because it keeps the hub from trying to find the device or?

I think he meant to disable it in the Devices list of the hub. That is good to do because it prevents you from accidentally trying to send commands to it, and also excludes it from things like Device Activity Check all with just the one checkbox.