Zooz Zwave LR Outdoor Motion Sensor

Interesting. Will be curious to see what this is when released.

EDIT: Well, I mean other than the obvious that it is an outdoor rated multi sensor.... Things like mounting options, form factor, power options, battery used, etc. :slight_smile:



Cool. It looks kinda big though.

I have a ZSE18 LR on the way.

As an aside, yesterday the older ZSE18 in my package bin that I wrapped in Saran wrap fell off the magnetic mount to the bottom of the package bin into water. Kept on working!

There will be a driver ready and waiting for when it is available :wink:


Nice. Looking for an alternative to using my Blinks for motion and temp.
Not what they were built for so the temp updates every so often and the cloud hinders the motion response.

Looks like it could be an alternative to Hue. Hope it doesn’t have Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor Price tag.

Yeah, when I had a bunch of blinks I noticed the clouds played havoc with them. I could reduce that by reducing the sensitivity. But then they weren’t triggering when I wanted them to.

I've had two of the ZSE29 outdoor motion sensors, powered by USB, on the house for years now.
They've been very dependable, look good, not too big, good build quality.
While they do sense light, in their case it's either "daylight" or "night", not much in between.


Yeah, I didn't realize the tweet I saw was basically just an 800 version of their already existing outdoor motion sensor. Duh on me.

Still nice for people that need an outdoor motion sensor though.

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My biggest potential concern with these (and any PIR sensor actually) Is that I would be putting them on the front of the house over the driveway and I have a large drive. Would the heat radiating off that driveway be an issue? I've always understood that heat has a role in PIR detection. In north Texas it's not unheard of for us to have multiple streaks of ten or more consecutive days in the summer with highs in the mid 110's and lows in the mid 90's. The hue doesn't seem to have that issue, but it's also on the back porch where the concrete is mostly to partly shaded all day.

I've found here in the Northeast that the detection range isn't that large, somewhat of a shortcoming so maybe that would work in your favor.

Truth be told, I really don't use them for detection that much. The one in the back is for when I step onto the porch, so really not much there. In the front driveway, an opening garage door triggers the lights after dark. The garage door opens, usually, with the ST arrival sensor.

Plus, I don't get any false alarms. Not so long ago when the lights came on in the front, it was indeed because the pesky deer were setting it off, lol. Also, the rear one went off when a porcupine was on the back porch.

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Thats not too different from my intended uses. The back rules are set to not even trigger during the day. But only from about 30 minutes before sunset until sunrise. To turn the light on when I open the patio door (which it is aimed directly at) in the middle of the night to let the dogs out because my GSD keeps track of all the toys, and inevitably seems to remember a few times a night which toys were left in the yard. Annoying yes, but its less annoying to get up and let her out that have her jumping on me every five to ten minutes all night. She also keeps track of if any of the other dogs are outside too long and will get us to let them in.

I also use the lux reading off that sensor during the day to adjust inside lighting in our family room, which works well.

The front sensor I want to control the light over the front door and dimming and brightening the garage lights. Right now, I just leave my garage lights on all night (and still will continue to do so), but I would like to be able to have them dim after say 11:00pm and brighten back up if there is motion. I also use @mbishop holiday lighting app that has a setting in it so that if you have the bulbs set to RGB and there is motion, the lights will go back to CT for a period, before returning to RGB once motion clears. I use that setting now with my lock and garage door tilt sensors. and it works well.


IDK if this is the case. The line drawing in the X post looks like a different form factor than the current version.

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I bought the 700 version of their outdoor enclosure for the 800lr and it was a perfect fit..

Alright, but is that an 800LR sensor that is currently for sale? The line drawing of the one in the X post below looks different than the photo velvetfoot posted above. I had a Hue Outdoor Motion sensor crap out on me, so just trying to figure out if I should get another or wait for the new Zooz outdoor device.


I think @rlithgow1 must be talking about one of the ZSE XS sensors, like the contact sensor. Using the enclosure from the 700 series on the 800LR model, which I think is correct, they are probably the same size.

The new Zooz outdoor multi-sensor is not for sale yet. I think it should be available soon.

Yep, I wasn't paying attention the thread was for the motion sensor... Doh!!! I blame it on post surgical something...(I'll figure something to blame it on later)

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I was about to put out a spare hue i have, but I’ll hold out for this. Any word when it’s going to be available?

I think they are just waiting for a shipment to come in, but sometimes they take much longer to come out than they originally estimate to me (so I know when to have driver ready). I don't want to spill any inside info that may or may not be accurate.

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Understand. Can you confirm i didn’t miss anything sleeping under a rock?

Usually they forget to tell me when something is now for sale and I see it on the community when people are looking for a driver that I already created weeks ago. Guess I am under the same rock.


I reached out to them on X, They responded it in final testing now and should be released in "a few weeks".