Zooz ZSE42 Water Leak Sensors

I bought a handful of the Zooz ZSE42 water leak sensors. They work great so far.

But I have a stupid question. What is the guitar pick looking thing included in the box used for? I have read the instruction manual front to back and I don't see it anywhere.

@agnes.zooz any ideas?


Open the case easier

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Hmmm. Didn't think about that LOL.

It should be explained in the manual though I believe that accessory was added to the second production run and there might have been a small batch that included the original manual which didn't mention it.

Yes but the plastic is the wrong shape and not thick enough to open the sensor without damage to the triangular tool.

Also, in case you were wondering how the water detection works, I was sent this diagram by Zooz support. I had asked if this will work on its side (in tighter places where one cannot place it flat), but apparently not. Not a deal breaker for me, though.

How about on its end?

Ah, yes, duh. That would work! Thanks for pointing that out. I did manage to slide it in flat, though.