Zooz Zen71 - button configuration

OK I looked everywhere (maybe not) and I cannot find an easy to understand way to take advantage of the ZooZ Zen71 button.

UseCase - I have a Bathroom fan I want to operate by Double Tapping the ZEN71, while the normal switch would light on the celling light. My fan is connected to a Zooz Realy and is continously powered ( I had to tap to a live wire on the ceiling... no room in Gang box)

I defined a rule for Start fan on button 1 double tap and fan off on button 2 double tap.

I am using the device page to trigger the button. Log shows (digital) push for the double tap for each of the button and the rule kicks in no problem.

I am using ZooZ Zen switch advanced driver

Device pages show 10 button for that switch. I am a bit puzzle as to how to access the button in a Physical way - not Digital way.

More generaly, if anyone can point me to anything describing how we should operate / configure the devices (in general) - it is a bit esoteric for me. (specially the command section)


The commands are only for testing. For the most part, you can ignore them. There is no configuration in that section, they do not change the behavior of the switch.

Watch the Current States in the upper right corner, and double tap up, then down. Does either held or pushed change when you double tap? If so, remember what number it changes to. That is the button number (press or hold) that you use in your rule. They are not counted as double taps, so don't select that in your rule.

One thing I notice, at least with my Zen22, is that you cannot get a button press event to show by repeating the same button sequence a second time. In other words if I do double tap up, I have to do a double tap down to get double tap up to send the button event again. Not sure if the Zen71 has the same bug?

Maybe you post a screenshot of your rule, and the Current States after you do your desired button tap sequence.

The one thing I like in this community is that there is a lot of knowledge available and people are willing to share it - Thanks @neonturbo

This was very simple, but hey u have to know it - Now I know how to read this upper right status information / command / preference in the Device page - ( after a bit of reading that allowed me to put in perspective what was provided)

So little status - Double Upper tap ( push =3 ) Double Lower tap (push=4). Then building a rule based with that information is a charm.

I tested the Zen71 to validate it provides the Push=3 event twice in a row. The answer is Yes - works like a charm that is if my fan relay has been open, I can close it back with Double Tap up again. Running Firmware 2.0 So no Zen71 does not have the same bug.

Thanks again for showing me the way :slight_smile:



OK Now I am definitely "LOST". While I managed to get my first ZEN71 working as expected, that is, I was able to identify which button number correspond to the number of taps I am performing, I decided to verify the behaviour of my second ZEN71. :confounded:

Not sure but I believe it behaves the same as my first one originally... Might be me...

I configured the same advance driver, but pushing multiple time the paddle does not produce any "push" event the same way my first switch does.

Grrr... What am I forgetting again ..... Even did Factory reset / exclude / include back to Zwave just in case to start with a know setup., but no Pushed event.

Any idea anyone ?



For the galery... here is the log I found for the Zen71 that does not behave the way I want

OK guys, Code 22... RTFM like my colleague would say.

So many parameters here. Parameter 9 should be enable for button to work with this Zen71.


I probably enabled it on the other one at one point without remembering it.

All good now!...

I even put the little tip on there that you have to enable it for the multi-tap events so people would know what its for. Hopefully that helped you find it.

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