Zooz ZEN52 double relay in 3 way config?

Has anyone hooked up the Zen52 relay in the “3way config with line and load in separate boxes” as they suggest? I did and cant seem to get the switch to work.

From what I can see you use the black traveler in the 3 way wire to bridge the light wire back to the relay and then you are switching the neutral connection over the red traveler with both switch lugs bridged together and somehow the relay senses you flipping switches but its not doing anything for me.

Of course their support is closed and have all the face plates off with kids in the house…

Anyone have success and have pointers?

I have gotten the Zen 51 single relay to work in a 3way configuration in a test rig on my desk. In my kitchen there was too much inductive load on the line for it to be triggered by the switches. It did work via the dashboard. I think they now have a note about how long the total wires can be before they cause problems. I saw in the ZEN51 change guide that there is a new firmware 1.3 that "may" address this but I haven't checked the ZEN52. I will need for my wife to be out of the house before I can verify this. The problem is the line never actuall goes to zero volts so it won't trigger from the switches.

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