Zooz Zen51 Dry Contact Relay

I have a Zooz Zen51 and an Aeotec Nano Switch 116. Both are doing same functions. The Zooz is a lot cheaper.

On the device in Hubitat the Zen51 is shown as a button device. This screws things up when I go to HomeKit. How can I get the Zen51 to look like the Aeotec 116.

So the actual problem is that is it exporting to Homekit as a button? Thats an easy fix.

Go to the bottom of the Homekit Integration and enable this option:

Then you will have options like this, click "Switch" to change it to a switch (mine is already set to a switch in this example)

Change should propagate to Homekit within a few minutes, if not you maybe need to uncheck the device, let it vanish on Homekit, then add it back again.

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