Zooz ZEN32 Scene Controller as Ceiling Fan speed controller

I am brand new here and to the Hubitat and Z-Wave scene. I am hoping that someone has had success with what I am trying to configure.
I would like to have the ability to control my ceiling fan speed (low, medium, high, off) using the 4 smaller buttons on the ZEN32 Scene controller.
Apparently it has been accomplished on at least one other platform.

Any insight into the best way to do this, would be incredible! Many Thanks!

Assuming your fan is integrated into Hubitat, this is possible. The ZEN32 sends button events (button number and event name) for press, hold, etc., and you can respond to these events and send whatever commands to your fan.

If you aren't sure where to get started, I'd suggest the Button Controller app. You can define a set of actions to run for each different button event. With drivers I'm aware of, the small buttons are 1-4, the big button is button 5, but you can check Logs or Events to see what is what if you aren't sure.

If you need more help, someone can probably suggest some things if you give a specific example of what you want. Good luck!


My fan's integrated via Bond. It has a wonkily dimmable light, but we rarely use that light, so we just leave the brightness set near max and use plain on/off functionality for the light. Here's my Button Controller setup.

ETA - for any rules, "5" is the big/main button on the Z32. 1-4 are the small buttons and are numbered how you'd expect (like reading a page).

Here's my RM for the Z32 LEDs. The main/big button is for the light - it always stays white.


Unfortunately, my fan is not a smart fan (not in Hubitat). I was hoping there was a way to increase the fan motor speed the same way that the GE or Enbrighten fan controller switches work by holding down on the "up" rocker switch.

Hubitat can't control a device it doesn't have a way to communicate with, so maybe I'm missing part of what you want. A smart fan switch like the GE one is an option, but so is a canopy module (or builtin option--if it's compatible) like Bond or others.

If it's on the same circuit as the ZEN32 and you're hoping to use the ZEN32 directly, it's apparently rated for fans (up to 3A), but you'll only get on/off control. But I suppose a fan switch would be a better idea in this case anyway.


Not without additional equipment like a fan canopy controller or something like the Bond hub. The Zooz switch is really one on/off switch, with some additional buttons (no direct outputs) you can use for automations.

Welcome to the community!

Does your fan have any sort of remote control capability?
If so you might be able to integrate it for speed control with a Broadlink RM4 Universal Remote Control using the community app.

And then set up some rules with a ZEN32.
As easy as pie. :smiley:


what electrical connections does the fan have? Sounds like you need to treat it as a "dimmable light" - so you may want to consider a Zen72 or 77 instead? I guess depends on how many amps the fan draws.

Or if you really want to use the Zen32, then you need to put a relay behind it(or in front of it, depending on how you think about it). Something like a Qubino mini dimmer. So Qubino relay controls the fan, Zen32 controls the Qubino mini dimmer


I did just replace my Logitech Harmony Hub (discontinued) with the Broadlink RM4. I think this will be a good solution. My ceiling fan is very basic. No wireless control of any type. Would you have a recommendations on a good RF/IR controller that I could wire up in the fan?

Sorry, never used one myself, but if you post the make/model number of your fan someone may have a good one to suggest.
And while you're at it, any additional information about your wiring wouldn't hurt either.
Oh, and we love a good pic or three. :smiley:

Sorry for the late reply on a solution here. I went ahead and installed the Enbrighten Fan Controller switch.
It does what I need it to. Runs the fan a high, medium or low speed. Thanks for everyone's input and feedback! It really does help!

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