Zooz Zen27 wont dim until off?

I just updated firmware on a Zen27. (mostly because I got a couple new Zooz devices, so I'm gonna update them all) But after I updated it to 3.1 firmware, one of my rules doesn't work the same anymore.

The rule is: On button press....start Lowering

Previous to this, when I pressed that button it would dim down until it shut off. now It starts to dim, but then stops while the light is maybe 15-20% brightness.

I found there's a setting called "night light" mode, which was set to 20%, but I changed it to Zero and behavior is the same.

Anyone know what's up with this?

I have three zen27s and I did a sweep a couple weeks ago and updated all my FW to the latest. I have over 20 Zooz and having different FW in everything was driving me crazy.

I just hit the button on the driver page for one and confirmed it dims all the way and then switches off.

I am using @bcopeland drivers [RELEASE] Advanced Zooz Zen27 / Zen26 Central Scene Dimmer and Switch Drivers

They are also available in HPM

One note. It you are using the built in drivers and switch to Brian’s, the button numbers get changed so you need to redo from scratch any button controllers you have set up.

Edit: you can specify the minimum brightness as well in the driver. Do you have this set at 20 by any chance?

I am using Brian's driver.

This is actually more weird. When I run the action it doesnt actually "Start Dimming", it just immediately goes to a much lower setting and stays there. (no ramp time at all)

Whatever I changed it to Toggle Dimmer --> Zero --> Fade 1 and it works pretty much the same as it used to.

After you upgraded the FW did you do a reset on the switch before you re-included it to you hub?

A year ago I was having very weird behaviour with a zen26 after I updated the FW and I submitted a support case on the Zooz website. @agnes.zooz instructed me that the reset was always necessary after updating the FW.

Upper paddle: tap-tap-tap&hold for 10 seconds until you see the led blinking.

Also just want to confirm, the switch is connected with no security correct? I have read that Brian’s driver does not support security.

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interestingly...for the first time, I didnt have to re-include the Zooz after I upgraded it.

I thought maybe they fixed that issue in their firmware somehow. But maybe it's actually in a weird state?

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I uplgrade the FW in one of my double plugs - one was at version 1.0 and the other had 2.0 - and I didn’t have to re-include it

As I went through my collection of 21/22/26/27 I also had one or two that did not leave the network after the update. Possible they had newer FW to start with. But I reset everything as I went just in case.

The requirement to reset a device doesn't depend on a firmware feature but has to do with the amount of changes introduced in a given update. Any time association or other larger changes are made, it's recommended to reset and re-include a Z-Wave device for best performance. For smaller updates that relate to customization and parameter settings only, this shouldn't be necessary but is still recommended. Just wanted to clear that up since this is not brand-specific and could be a good tip for others updating their non-Zooz devices :slight_smile:

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